Tim Dieppe

Head of Public Policy, Christian Concern

Tim is Head of Public Policy at Christian Concern which he joined in 2016. Tim's special interest is in Islamic affairs. This interest developed after the 2001 attacks which prompted him to study the nature of Islam, including sharia finance. Tim connected with Christian Concern after being asked to run a sharia fund which he refused to do. This led him to become more involved in combatting the increasing influence of sharia law in the UK.

Prior to this, Tim had a sucessful career in fund management for over twenty years. Most recently, Tim was the manager of the WHEB Sustainability Fund which he ran from 2012 to 2015. Before that Tim designed and launched the pioneering multi-thematic investment process for the Henderson Industries of the Future Fund which he managed for seven years. This fund and the SRI Team at Henderson received multiple awards over the period, and Tim was named one of Britain's top 100 fund managers by Citywire.

Tim started his career in 1992, and worked on several equity fund management teams, finally joining the SRI Team at Henderson Global Investors in 2004, when he took over management of the global SRI funds. Tim managed some £400m of global multi-thematic SRI funds, working as part of a highly integrated collaborative team of six SRI specialists. The funds invested exclusively in ten 'Industries of the Future' themes combining five environmental themes.

Tim has a degree in Mathematics with Computation from Oxford University. More recently he took up studying theology in his spare time with Westminster Theological Centre. Tim now holds an MA (Distinction) in Kingom Theology after completing his studies. Some of his papers can be viewed on academia.edu.

Tim is married, with two children. He and his wife play an active role in their local church: Trinity London. Tim also enjoys walking, reading, photography, board games, and bird watching.